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Our History


ACT I - 2008:

Michael Haber (Co-Creator, Co-Owner & Artistic Director of New Vision Players) and Amanda Villafuerte (Co-Creator, Co-Owner & Business Manager of New Vision Players) first met when they attended The University of Delaware together back in 2008. During that time, Amanda was working on a college theater production of BARE: A POP OPERA and Mike was pulled in towards the end to help with lighting design and conducting the orchestra. The two met during rehearsals and became very close friends, moving on to work together on future University of Delaware theater productions such as UDis: A Musical Revue, Cabaret and Urinetown: The Musical. Mike and Amanda worked both on-stage as actors and off-stage as production staff members, with Mike usually as Director or Lighting Designer and Amanda usually as Stage Manager. The two continued to build and develop their friendship and graduated in 2009.

After graduation, Mike moved back home to Bergen County, New Jersey while Amanda moved back home to Rockland County, New York. In 2011, Amanda and Mike reconnected once again. Mike was directing a production of RENT over at Fair Lawn Community Center and Amanda, always a fan of musical theater, offered to help the show in any way she could. As she began to attend more rehearsals and work more with the actors, she realized how much she missed the stage and decided to dedicate more of her time to theater once again.

ACT II - 2012:

In January 2012, after RENT closed, Mike and Amanda worked together to help put up a production of Urinetown: The Musical. Realizing that their working rapport as Director and Stage Manager was unique, special and one-of-a-kind, the two decided that maybe they should try to start their own theater company together. Although Mike was all about the creativity while Amanda was all about the business, they two of them shared an immense love and passion for the performing arts; it truly was a dream partnership. After Urinetown: The Musical closed, the two put their heads together and began to form the company that is now known to be NEW VISION PLAYERS.

After a lot of research, hard work, dedication, financial investment and imagination, NEW VISION PLAYERS was created in February 2012. Both Mike and Amanda shared equal ownership of the community theater company; Mike focused on directing the shows while Amanda handled finances and marketing. In May/June 2012, NEW VISION PLAYERS produced their first production: Next To Normal at Lune Stage in West Orange, NJ. The following for their new company began to grow, while their connections and networks continued to blossom and develop. Ten shows and hundreds of auditioners and audience members later, NVP is excited for their 2014 - 2015 season!